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Book online or call us, we garanted best deal, if you need cheap car during summer in Belgrade to rent, we offer over 1000 cars from Serbia, vehicles are technically correct, up to 5 years old, casco secured, equipped with gps, different power and gear selector - automatic or manual ...

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The Documents

The Documents needed to rent a car are a passport and driver's licences. The documents must be valid

Deposit yes or no?

We will find for You with no deposit

t is best to call our agency because there are various other agencies that we represent and the terms for the deposit are different, most agencies take from 100 €, 200 € and even 500 € m. Since in Serbia it is poorly represented that the agency gains money on the card, the deposit is left in cash in 90% of cases. Each agency issues a deposit receipt.

Is it mandatory to have a payment card in order to rent a car???

In developed European countries, possession of a payment card is a condition for renting a car, in Serbia this is not the case, it is possible to rent a car without a payment card.

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Are you paying extra kilometers??

We will find you unlimited kilometers. Most agencies practice that, according to the price list, the mileage is free, ie, An unlimited number of kilometers can be crossed. There are agencies that have a limit, mostly it is 100km or 200km a day, over 10-15 rsd per km.

Whether fuel enters the rental price?

Fuel does not enter the rental price and it falls to the burden of the lessee. It is mostly rented with a full tank, in any case, the condition is taken, it also returns.

Terms of payment

If you rent a vehicle as a person, you can pay your rental expenses and any additional costs by cash or credit card. Legal company pay the rent on the current bank account.

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Traffic Penalties

Penalties for offenses committed during the rental period are solely the liability of the lessee.

Collision and damage Responsibility of the lessee if there is no police record of the accident is 100%, if it has a police record and it is not guilty, the participation of the lessee in the damage is 0%, and if it has a record and the fault is involved in damage as much as stated in the lease agreement, this depends on the agency . When downloading a vehicle, be sure to read the contract you sign, the lessor must be a brave member in relation to the damage done. Any damage to tires, under the vehicle, car keys and alarm is NOT covered by CDW insurance, and in case of loss or damage, the lessee pays 100% of the price.


In the case of vehicle theft, the lessee is obliged to pay 100% damage, unless he reports to the local police station and if he has an official police report, traffic license and the originals of the key, depending on the contract signed with the agency when the vehicle was taken over. The lessee is obliged to always lock the vehicle and activate the alarm (if it is installed) when the vehicle is parked, and the traffic permit is not in the vehicle.

Is not allowed

It is not permitted to drive out of the way, to knock, to rally, to tug other vehicles, to borrow a vehicle to a third party, and strictly forbids any kind of replacement of parts and any modification. Each replacement is treated as a damage that will be charged to the lessee. In the event that the lessee returns the vehicle in an extremely dirty condition, washing costs will be charged to the leaseholder. The same applies to the interior of the vehicle. It is not allowed to commit criminal acts.


Which car would rent first???

Fiat Grande Punto 13€
Renault Megane sw 17€
Opel Astra sw 17€
VW Golf 7 21€
Opel Insignia 21€
Renault Clio 13€
Ford Fiesta 13€
Ford Focus 21€
Škoda Oktavia 21€
Škoda Fabia 13€

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